Jazzy to K-Turtle

Moving from ROS 2 Jazzy to K-Turtle, a number of stability improvements were added that we will not specifically address here.

New RViz panel for Docking

In PR #4458 a new RViz panel was added to interact with the Docking Server.

This panel allows the user to:

  • Dock the robot to a charger, selecting the dock id or the dock pose and type. It also allows the user to set whether or not to navigate to the staging pose.

  • Undock the robot from a charger.

The panel displays the action goal status and feedback published by nav2_msgs/DockRobot and nav2_msgs/UndockRobot actions. Users can find information such as elapsed time, number of retries and the current state of the action (staging, controlling, etc.), as well as the error codes of the action.

Here we can see the working demo of the plugin:



If the docking server is unavailable, then the combo box of the dock type will be empty.

New BT Nodes

Below is a list of new BT Nodes added:

  • GetPoseFromPath: An action to get a particular pose from an input path.